bottled up | can’t show my face


‘Bottled Up’ begins with an ambient synth wash before distorted samples introduce singer James Cullen’s distinctive, androgynous falsetto beneath a complex web of grooves and melodies brought to life by bandmate Dan Cobb. ‘Can’t Show My Face’ slows the pace down as the duo tackle anxieties head-on; Cullen’s vocal this time adopting a hushed, confidential tone that makes you feel like you’re locked in an intimate discussion with the singer. Both ‘Bottled Up’ and ‘Can’t Show My Face’ display TENDER’s knack for matching a song’s dynamic flow to the subject matter effortlessly - every strummed guitar, synth stab, rhythmic pulse or bass run adding weight and depth to the music.

Track listing

1. Bottled Up

2. Can’t Show My Face