cara cara

ben stevenson

There’s a blend of ideas that I’ve picked up in different contexts in the way this record was made, taking the lessons from the people I’ve worked with and applying them to making a record in the way I initially learned how to do it,” Stevenson said. “That’s kind of what I mean about finding my way. I had spent a long time making these decisions to be myopic, to limit my own creativity. And so with this I was trying to find my way out of that and to go to all the places I’d like to go with my material. I don’t know if I’ve done that with this record if I’m being honest, or if it’s even possible to get there, but I like to remind myself that it’s a path, and there is no destination.

Track listing

1. No Better Way

2. Up in the Morning

3. Mind Movie

4. Television

5. Yellow Bird

6. Many

7. Endless

8. Some Kind of Blue

9. Wavy Wednesday

10. Until the End

11. Cara Cara