i Know it's christmas time

The good boys

I’m Not Pretending, the debut single from Toronto’s The Good Boys is out now.

Formed in early 2013, The Good Boys (Andrew Basso, Daniel Tremblay and Paul Marc Rousseau), are all former members of I Am Committing A Sin, with Rousseau also known for his role in the Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein.

The newly formed 3-piece focuses on music’s golden past, a departure from members’ previous musical efforts. By nurturing the sounds and aesthetics of early innovators like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, The Good Boys celebrate a time when a dapper group of men dressed in suit jackets and neckties could turn a room of well-behaved teenagers into a teeming frenzy. The Good Boys’ straight-laced approach to style is also evident in their work, clean-cut, catchy pop-rock songs.

Track Listing

1.  It's Christmas Time and I'm in Love With You (Haven't You Heard)

2.  White Christmas