in alphazones

aa wallace

AA Wallace returns with sophomore album 'In Alpha Zones'/ With tracks relating to his experiences touring with his old band (“We Just Stopped”), working in an office (“SUCCESS”) and a fully re-vamped live version of the first track he ever released (“Shake it Out”), the album takes classic pop production elements and drenches them with vintage synth and drum machine sounds akin to 80s VHS scores. Each track on the album occupies it’s own small musical universe, from the funk-infused “Harlequin”, to the reverb-drenched “Secret Name” and the driving synth-pop of “VLT Girls (We Win Again)”, Wallace’s influences are plentiful and wide reaching.

Track Listing

1. Previously

2. Perdeverence

3. Secret Name

4. VLT Girls (We Win Again)

5. Success

6. After These

7. Nothing

8. Shake It Out

9. The Optimist

10. Harlequin

11. We Just Stopped