The junction

The Junction is a Toronto based three-piece outfit who have been serenading clubs and venues since their inception in early 2000. With a penchant for hard work, and the ability to wow different audiences all over the world, the guys are back with yet another absolutely ground breaking recording. The band’s sound is defined head on by front man and lead vocalist Brent Jackson, who demands attention from the stage to the stereo. His sultry, and often times haunting vocal range always leaves the listener feeling a little closer to him; perhaps even imploring anyone who’s heard what he has to say to dig a little bit deeper, challenging us to offer up our own version of authentic. Jackson’s rhythm section is comprised of bassist Matt Jameson, and drummer Mike Taylor whose rhythmic back-bone add just the right layers and textures, helping to bring Jackson’s relentlessly honest, heartfelt songs to life. The trio are a cohesive unit with a work ethic any indie label would applaud, and inevitably gravitate towards. That being said, their new home at Culvert Music is an undeniably great fit for the release of their brand new, long awaited LP – City Nights.