up for you (Single)


There’s nothing quite like a Canadian summer.
Sure, the North American nation may get a little cold over the winter months, but when summer comes Canada truly shines.
Toronto residents Bravestation know this all too well, and decided to pen a summer anthem of their own.
‘Up For You’ is a crisp new wave pop melter, blessed with a chorus that will echo round your head for weeks. The band explain:
“We were excited to finally work with pros and compiled like 30+ electronic-based demos on our laptops in anticipation of recording with these guys, but in the last week of the writing process we started jamming as a band for the first time when the idea for ‘Up For You’ came to life. From all the songs they had to pick from, Michael and Jason chose the two that we wrote in the final couple of days as their favs after months of demoing…”

Track Listing

1. Up for You