Having initially conceived Perpetual Surrender as a one-off recording project DIANA  regrouped in search of a bigger, fuller and more expansive sound. Familiar Touch takes all of Perpetual Surrender’s gorgeous qualities and pushes the songs to the forefront, upping DIANA’s game tremendously.

The trio decamped to Adams’ apartment, where the pressures of a second album and the time constraints of a regular studio were relieved. Upon listening to the record, it’s hard to believe Familiar Touch was made in such a compact environment. With its emboldened production, it sits pleasingly alongside their personal influences and seminal recordings such as Prefab Sprout’s Steve McQueen or Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Naughty Boys.

Mixed by Chris Coady and mastered by Heba Kadry, Familiar Touch is also lent a skilled hand by Thom Gill, Bram Gielen, Vince Spilchuk, and vocalists Robin Dann, Alanna Stuart of Bonjay and aforementioned Gary Beals. By having the space and time to work with their new ideas on their own terms, this time around, DIANA have crafted an album that sounds unabashedly vibrant and distinctly 2016.