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Bossie (aka Anne Douris) is a Toronto based pop artist releasing a retro-infused blend of new wave, glam rock and synth-pop about confronting the demons of adulthood and coming of age in a digital world.

Though she takes her cues from an eclectic mix of kraut rock. This past fall, Bossie was featured on Toronto’s Indie 88.1’s Your FirstListen for two separate singles, (“Meteor” and “Tell It All”), and anticipation for her performances have generated print features from publications such as The Toronto Star and NOW Magazine.

In 2016, Subsequently, FASHION Magazine released a print feature describing her new single “A Lot Like Love” as “the kind of aural confections you could imagine Britney Spears, Selena Gomez or Kesha singing.”

Track listing

1. Mild at Heart

2. Meteor

3. Strawberry Moon

4. There Will Be Time

5. A Lot Like Love

6. The Outsider

7. As Good as It Gets

8. Tell it All

9.  Post Teen