PLease, For Me

The good boys

More Ed Sullivan than MTV, The Good Boys celebrate a time when a band dressed in suit jackets and neckties could turn a room of well-behaved teenagers into a frenzy of dancing and screaming super-fans.

Nostalgia, an obvious influence on the band’s beginnings, marks more than a fondness for the era of A Hard Day’s Night and Pet Sounds. Beginning in early 2013, Andrew Basso, Paul Marc Rousseau, and Daniel Tremblay (all formerly of I Am Committing A Sin) resumed an all too long hiatus of collaborative songwriting. With a breadth of individual talents and proficiencies, The Good Boys offer a dynamism well suited to rock and roll. Though these voices, distinct as they are, offer something more in the collective, and frequently blend in well-constructed harmony.

Track Listing

1.  Please For Me

2.  Please Be Good To Me